unique count in the table

Hi All,
i am new to knime and i need help with this.

i have a table like the image above with 500 rows.
i want to count the unique products in the WHOLE table not just the column or row.
the product is/can be repeated in any column and in any row.

Thank you


Hello @Chad,

Welcome to the world of KNIME.

One possible solution for your task could be this approach:

  • Use the column filter to extract one column from your table
  • Apply this to every column
  • Now use the Concatenate Node to create a list with the content of all columns. You can add multiple input ports in that node: Right click the node and select “Add Port”
  • Now you may apply a Duplicate-Row-Filter Node to get only the different entries.
  • If you want to get that number you could get the row count by applying the Math-Formula-Node https://nodepit.com/node/org.knime.ext.jep.JEPNodeFactory to the table with the simple formula “ROWCOUNT”


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I might have an idea. Can you share a sample file?

there are around 20 columns. would i have to apply column filter like 20 times?
cant we create a loop or something

here is the sample file,
sample.xlsx (15.1 KB)

it did not concatenate the columns, instead it appended the columns to the previous column, making it in a table form not the list

I have used a python snippet

as a result I get an output table with the words

You might give that a try. Maybe it works for you
best regards and take care

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Hi @Chad
you can first unpivot your table and then use groupby node.



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