Unique words and terms in document

Hi, I just started with KNIME and I don't know how to:

- count unique words in single document

- count unique terms in single document

I also need informaton how many times each term appears in the document.

Anyone can help?


use the TF node to count frequencies of terms in documents (term frequency). You can specify whether relative or absolute tf is counted. Apply the TF node on a bag of words, i.e. after the Bag Of words node. Words and Terms are the same if you have not applied any tagger node. Tagger nodes change granularity of terms (group words to terms).

An example workflow could look like:

Strings to Documents-><optional tagger nodea>-><optional filtering and preprocesing nodes>->Bag of Words->TF

Cheers, Kilian

Thanks! You solved my problem :)

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