units of measurement in data sets


i would very much like to have an elegant way of annotating my data set with information of units of measurement and a way of then manipulating said units of dataset, e.g. : reading in a dataset of observations of distances in km, then proceeding with the analysis in m.

Sure i can do that right now with data manipulation of the node, if i know the unit the data is given, but to my understanding, there is no way of putting that information as a data type, like “string”, “int” or “double”, right?

Hi there @Dr.Joker,

Believe you are right. It would most probably have to be a new data type and also new nodes to deal with it. Interested in development considering you placed topic in KNIME Development category? :wink:


You could set them as column properties. have a look at the Vernalis Inject Column Properties node


You could re-extract your units with the corresponding:




ups, so wrong forum?

I was under the impression, that if i post it here, it might be developed at some point by the D-Team, no?

So next time, i would like to have a new feature, the correct subforum would be the ‘Knime Hub’, then?

Looks like a good workaround, for the moment. Thanks for suggesting!

Hi @Dr.Joker,

KNIME Development category is usually used for questions like how to develop/code something in KNIME.

Don’t worry about it. I will change it.


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