Univariate Analysis in KNIME


I have been diligently learning how to use KNIME for my company.  We are trying to evaluate whether this would be a good replacement for SAS.  I have become accustomed with data transformations and scoring with KNIME, but I would like to learn more about the visualization features.  I would like to be able to conduct univariate analysis in KNIME.  What would be the best nodes to use for this process?



There are several ways in KNIME for dealing with statistics, one is of course using the in-build nodes such Crosstab and Statistics, or Scorer nodes. We also have an integration for R and can read SAS datasets. If you are a SAS user you would probably also LIKE to read the KNIME Booklet for SAS users. More about views and interactive explorations in KNIME can be found here.

The link you provided was very useful gabriel.  Thank you!

Glad to hear that this information was helpful. If you need more details on KNIME and its extensions, don't hesitate to ping me via a private message.