Universal Cookie Table for HttpRetriever Node

Is it possible to pass a set of universal cookies (cookies in a table not tied to a domain) to an HttpRetriever node?

In my crawling process I first get a set of seed cookies from www.mydata.com. I then pass these seed cookies to a second HttpRetriever that retrieves the data I need.

When I pass the cookies as a string in the "Cookie" column of the top port of the HttpRetriever and add the "Cookie" column to the list of Headers to send, everything works great.

But when I pass the cookies as a table to the bottom port (the Cookies port) of the HttpRetriever everything stops working. Or at least it stopped working this last time I tried to use it - I've used the bottom Cookies port a lot in the past and never had a problem.

The problem is that the seed cookies were associated with the Domain "mydata.com" (I've also seen ".mydata.com" which confused me) but the URL I was crawling was subdomain.mydata.com.

The solution was to edit the Cookies table and change the Domain column to be "subdomain.mydata.com". But a set of universal cookies that were always passed to the URL (just like the put-all-the-cookies-in-a-long-string example above) would be helpful. Perhaps by passing an empty Domain, or perhaps through an advanced option "pass all cookies", or perhaps there is already a way that I'm not yet aware of?

Not a big issue but it might save somebody a few hours of head scratching.

Hi Edlueze,

I understand your issue and I'll see if there is some easy way to implement this. However, as we're partly relying on a 3rd-party library, I'm not yet sure whether this is possible in general.

I'll keep you posted.