Unpivot (options to exclude RowID and choose different column names)

Is there an option that disables adding a column with RowID to the Unpivot Node output, as well as options to enter different headings for the ColumnNames and ColumnValues columns?

My solution so far is to add a filter columns node and a columsn rename node, but this is such a common activity that I thought there would be an option in the Unpivot node to achieve the same effect. :rofl:

Is it possible to add an options tab (like recently added to the file reader nodes)? It would just make the workflow more concise and less nody.

[Nody: A workflow with lots of nodes in it, to be discouraged].


Maybe the Table Manipulator would be helpful here? It’s not quite the same as having the functionality built into the Unpivot node itself, but it does end up replacing several other nodes downstream.

And thus, less nody. :slight_smile:


Hello @DiaAzul,

added your request(s) to existing ticket. (Internal reference: AP-15453)


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