Unpivoting columns with different scenario

I have an excel sheet like below

Product name, jan budget, jan actuals
Car, 30, 35
Bus, 20, 18

And i want to unpivot it like

Product name, month, sales, scenario
Car, jan, 30, budget
Car, jan, 35, actuals
Bus, jan, 20 budget
Bus, jan, 18, actuals

Please help

Use the unpivotting node with the following settings:

to get this:


Then you can clean up the columns appropriately.
You can use the Cell Splitter node to split apart “jan budget” into “jan” and “budget”, do the same for the “jan actual” cells. Use the column filter node to discard any columns you don’t need, and then use the Column Rename node to rename the ones you decide to keep.

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