Unsuported Column Type

I have 2 Excel files. I use “concatenate” to obtain a single file. Then I use Excel Writer and I get this message “Execute failed: Unsupported column type ‘?’. Please remove corresponding column(s) from the input table.”
I don’t have a column type “?” only “String”, “Number Integer” “Number Double”
If I use Excel Writer for each file individually, it works. Where could this problem come from?

Hello Brain,
Please check before concatenating if the corresponding columns in both files have same data type. In other words, please check if the columns with same names have same data type.

I have 104 columns …

Ok after concatenating check which columns have data types as -
Non-Native [interface org.knime.core.data.DataValue]

and make their data types same.

Hello @Brain,

this can happen in Concatenate node when column name is the same but column type is different. Then you get this ? column type. You can easily spot it (even if you have 104 columns) when you open table output and go on Spec tab. There look for Non-native.

Additionally you can use Column Auto Type Cast node to deal with these columns before exporting in Excel. But it’s better deal with this before concatenate node and make sure you have column types you need/want. Table Validator nodes are good for this.



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