Unsupported column type '?'. Please remove corresponding column(s) from the input table.


I am getting this error but however i do need these columns as these contains data. Is there any way to convert ? into number/string

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Have you tried using the Column Auto Type Cast node?

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Getting below error.

Have you tried using the Transformation tab of the Excel Reader node to enforce the appropriate data type for that column?

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Do i need to make any change?

Do i need to make any change?

Order number is a long integer. If you want it to be a string, then try setting it to be a string.

Have tried that but still same error.

Hi, @hari251 .

If you attach a sample of your work flow, we can try to help you better.


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‘SM’ to the win! You can arrange it with ‘String Manipulation’ node (Replace column option):

to String:


to Integer:


And String Manipulation (Multi Column) can handle unknown data type conversion, for the whole DF in one single node.

For your use case, you could place it before the loop end.



Thanks to everyone, Because of this thread, I am able to complete my today’s task before time.


Thanks for the help it worked…


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