Unsupported Column Type - String V. Data


I have trouble with the aggregation of two excel files. These files have tons of columns and some of them don’t match up in terms of data format (string v. number). I know that I could use a number to string or string to number to make these merge.

However, this to me seems like a pain. Is there way to make this merge process default to one or the other without having to use a node?

Hi @rparr009

Take a look at the Table Manipulator node.
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Hello @rparr009
In the ‘Excel Reader’ node there is a tab called Transformation, where you can enforce the data type and column names.

Aiming to help with comparing the 2 tables, you can use ‘Extract Table Spec’ node.


Hello @rparr009,

With 4.4 this problem should be resolved.
Check this topic:



Any word on when 4.4 will be available?

I have read this summer, are you guys thinking more like August or sooner?

Hello @rparr009,

sooner :wink:

But think it’s still worth thinking about implementing Table Validator (Reference) node as it covers much more than just column types differences…


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