"Unzip Files" exception defect :"Execution failed in Try-Catch block: null"


when i send a damaged zip file to "Unzip Files" module as input and execute,the module will return a Execution as below.Due to the IllegalArgumentException is null ,"try caught" cannot work.

ERROR Unzip Files          2:114      Execution failed in Try-Catch block: null
ERROR Unzip Files          2:114      Caught "IllegalArgumentException": Argument must not be null

Hi Loongel,

thank you for reporting this!

Could you maybe send me the damaged zip file? I was not able to create a damaged zip file myself.... 

Also, which KNIME Version are you using?

Best regards, Iris

i've deleted the broken .gz file, but you can edit any .gz(or .zip)file by notepad ,then,you can get a broken file ^_^


I've reproduce the error with the html parser of the palladian extensions Try catch in that case won't work.

Best regards,