Unzip list of files

Hi as the subject says,

How to unzip a list of files? As I see the Unzip node doesn't take any input.



double click to configure. Should work

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Hi Fabienc,

Thanks for the file, I'm really new to KNIME, tried load it as a workflow.
It show up once. but seems to broke my workspace explorer. (All the remote/local project disappear).

Do I meant to load it as workspace or as something else?


Did you do : file -> import Knime workflow ->select archive file with the unzipped file ?

You don't have to unzip the file.

I tested it o a 3.1 version and two computers it works.

Hey All,

I know this is an old topic but I wanted to get your opinion. I took the example from @unknown_user and built out the rest of it. Is this really the most efficient way to read in multiple zip files, unzip them and then move forward with the raw data that was unzipped?

I am building some internal best practices for work and want to make sure that there isn’t a more elegant way…