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Hello everyone

I am new to Knime and to databases. I have been able to conect to my DB with the DB Reader node and I want to be able to update the output table every week. However, the amount of rows are aprox 28 million rows and I want to be able to update the output table without having to do the request of ALL rows each time I run the DB reader. In other words: Is there a way to update the request for the rows that are not on the current output table and include the new rows in the database?

I hope this makes sence, sorry if I confused, english is not my first lenguage.
Thank you in advance!

DB Merge( Labs) will do the job see example below.
Update-existing-values.knwf (22.6 KB)

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Thank you so much! I will try it out.

Hi there @stevens_albert,

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Considering you are new to KNIME I would suggest you to check learning section on KNIME home page for start. There you will find E-learning courses, link to YouTube channel, documentation and more.

Also KNIME offers a lot of workflow examples which are really a good way to learn how thing work in KNIME and how nodes are configured and used. Example workflows are accessible from KNIME Explorer within KNIME. Also you can search all nodes and workflows on KNIME Hub which is very useful. Additionally there is KNIME Community Forum which you already discovered. Feel free to ask questions and contribute back to community :wink:

Related to databases I recommend you to use new Database Integration nodes from start as they are planned to be production ready in summer release and current DB nodes will become legacy. New DB Integration offers more nodes (like one @izaychik63 suggested) and possibilities.

Happy KNIMEing!


Thank you!

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