Update Own Extensions - Best Practices

Hi all,

I have successfully built a local update site with own node extensions and installed these to KNIME 4.3
Now I want to fix a bug which means that I have to update these nodes. First trial was to simply
substitute a .jar file in the plugins subdirectory of the update site. But this did (as expected) not work.

How can one apply this fix?

  • de-install the nodes and re-install them again?
  • using the update mechanism - I tried this but got the message: no updates found
    How does KNIME know that there is updates on a local site?

Is there any documentation of updating own extensions?

Thx in advance

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Hi @RolandGrund,

Do your plugins and features have .qualifier at the end of their version strings?
This way they will get a new version number on every build.
How are you building your update site? Are you using tycho or the update site build tool in eclipse?
You need to rebuild the update site from there, manually replacing files is a bad idea.

When you successfully rebuild the update site, you might need to restart KNIME AP or reload the update site information in the preferences.