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I just integrated a KNIME adapted excel sheet into a spreadsheet of an existing report. The pasted data is the base of a pivot table. Is there a possibility to update this pivot table with an instrument in KNIME, so the report is fully automated.

The pivot is not created in KNIME, but is based on the integrated data.

Thank you very much in advance

I am not sure there is a way to do it natively from within KNIME (perhaps with a Python or R package?). Your best bet may be to set the pivot table to refresh automatically when opening the workbook.

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As @Snowy there is no native solution to refresh Pivot Table from KNIME. It makes sense to control refreshing Pivot Table from within Excel and not some external tool so I wouldn’t waste time on R/Python… At least I don’t see a case in it :confused:


Thank you very much @Snowy and @ipazin.

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