Update Row in Database

Hello everyone, im here want to ask about specifically about DB Update. Im currently happy with how KNIME can provide what i need until now.

First i get my data from the database, here is the example of the data that i pulled from the database :

ID Name Team Code
001 Lamborghini - Ferrari - Toyota Team LA1

then i have a dictionary excel file. an example of the data from this dictionary is like this

Name Team Code
Lamborghini LA1
Ferrari FR1
Toyota TYT1

i want to update the existing value in the database so i get the output of this

ID Name Team Code
001 Lamborghini - Ferrari - Toyota Team LA1
001 Lamborghini - Ferrari - Toyota Team FR1
001 Lamborghini - Ferrari - Toyota Team TYT1

so when i select in the query to get how many ferrari in the data, this data will be return since it got the ferrari code in the value.

So, does the DB Update nodes can solve problem like this? and if it can. what’s the input table that i need to create so it can update the DB perfectly. since i can’t delete and then insert the data all the way from the 0 because it will take too much time (i have 43 million row of data, so thats why i want to update just some portion of data that i missed when i prepare this data)

I’m totally confused about your issue. Regardless, this workflow produces your desired output. I suspect there’s a lot more going on that you haven’t explained so my workflow may not work in production.

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@hellzparkz you can find several scenarios about how to handle update and merge databases in my article:

But as @rfeigel already said you might have to take a closer look at what you actually want to do since I do not fully understand the case.

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This give me more insight about the DB Update… Thank you for this link… ill try to apply this into my case. Sorry if my explanation is complicated. For now, i mark this as the solution

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