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Hi KNIME Team,

We build and deploy our KNIME nodes with Maven/Tycho. Tycho makes use of a custom target platform definition that mainly uses features and plugins from the official update site http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6/.

Since yesterday, I am receiving the following error when trying to create the target platform and build nodes:

[ERROR] Failed to resolve target definition …/targetplatform/com.logmein.knime.targetplatform.target: Failed to load p2 metadata repository from location http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6/: Unable to read repository at http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6. Unable to read repository at http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6/server/4.7. No repository found at http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6/server/4.7/4.7.2. -> [Help 1]

The error indicates the update site http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6/server/4.7/4.7.2 referenced by the official site http://update.knime.org/analytics-platform/3.6/ seems to be unavailable. Could you please have a look what’s going wrong here?

Thank you,

Can you try again?

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@thor Works again. Thank you for taking care.

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