Update to KNIME 5.1 from 4.7.6

Hey there,
maybe this question has been asked many times before, but I could not find it.

I would like to update from 4.7.6 to 5.1.
It seems that I need to de-install the old version, before installing the 5.1
Do I have to re-install all my extensions again? Will I lose all my settings?

thank you

Hi @wantti Yes, you will need a new 5.1 installation, you won’t be able to update from 4.7.x.
You could choose to use your existing 4.7 workspace for the new installation to keep most of your settings. As for the extensions, the AP will offer to install any missing extensions when executing workflows.

Hi Dora,

thank you for your response.
I really would like to update, but I am afraid running into issues.
It is not possible to keep both systems in parallel, right?

You can only install one version at a time using the windows installer, but you can run multiple installs by downloading / using the zip file version.

I personally run the up to date version via the installer for easier updating, then run prior versions via zip. Just download the zip version. Unzip the folder to a spot of your choice, then you can create a shortcut to the KNIME.exe file inside of it for your desktop (and rename it with the version info to avoid confusion).

Be careful bouncing production workflows back and forth between versions, as there can be backward compatibility issues. I also run a Nightly version of software via zip as well. This allows me to test workflow exports of production workflows for compatibility prior to applying major updates.


After long time overthinking, I have installed the new version on a brand new computer.
I have copy pasted all my workflows from the old environment to the new one.
The first thing I recognized is, that the new Knime is soooo slow compared to the prior one.
The computer is having exactly the same settings and I already increased the ram usage to 24000 but still it is very slow in loading, saving, and opening nodes, literally everything is slower.

As I believe that this should not be the case, I wonder what I have done wrong.

Hello @wantti ,

A slow installation is likely caused by anti virus settings. Please see here how you can speed up this process a bit :slight_smile: https://www.knime.com/faq#q38

I hope it helps!

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thank you very much for your assistance.
I would say that it helped a little bit.
But when I compare the usage speed of the new environment with the old one, it is still a huge difference.
Are there any other settings I coulkd try?

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