Update to v 1.10.0 - New timed loop starts and minor timed loop end bug fixes

We have today updated the Vernalis plugin to include two new timed loop start nodes:

  • Generic Run-for-time Loop start
  • Generic Run-to-time Loop end

These nodes allow repeated processing of the whole input table until either a fixed time period has elapsed, or until a predefined time has been passed.

In both cases, if used in conjunction with a timed loop end node then the 'unprocessed rows' table will always be empty.  The 'maxIterations' flow variable will always show -1 as this cannot be determined in this version of the node.

Additionally, the bug fixes:

  • Timed loop end nodes now all show the correct value for the lastIteration flow variable (previously this always showed 0)
  • The timed loop start nodes now allow cancelling during execution

As always, if any problems please get in touch.