Update to v 1.18.0 (Nightly only)

We have just updated the nightly build to v1.18.0. This features a number of minor bug fixes to existing nodes, and 26 new nodes. See below for details. All being well, this should be transferred to the stable builds next week.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Random Numbers Generator bug fixed (2 instances of node shared output table spec causing errors at execution if they were producing different types)
  • Load SDFiles node now accepts sd.gz and sdf.gz extensions
  • Load XXX Nodes now report progress (Maybe misleading for .gz)

New Misc. Nodes

  • New Load FASTA node (accepts .fasta and .fasta.gz file extensions)
  • Added URL Encode / URL Decode nodes
  • Flow Control Crossover node

Database Nodes

  • Improved node dialog refresh performance of interactive table
  • Fixed node dialog bug leading to settings not being displayed correctly in node dialog on load
  • New nodes:
    • Database DISTINCT
    • Extract Database Table Dimensions
    • Database to Empty table
    • Database Range
    • List Catalogues
    • List Foreign Keys
    • List Primary Keys
    • List Schemas
    • List Tables
    • List Table Types
    • Database to variable

Speedy SMILES Nodes

  • Organic subset Filter / Splitter nodes
    • s-Block metals Filter / Splitter nodes
    • p-Block metals Filter / Splitter nodes
    • d-Block metals Filter / Splitter nodes
    • f-block metals Filter / Splitter nodes
    • Cyclise end atoms


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