Update to v 1.20.0

We have just updated the nightly build to v1.20.0, which incorporates 7 new nodes, new features for existing nodes, and a bug fix.

New Nodes

  • URL Decode Node
  • Set To List Node
  • Collection To String Node
  • Flow Variable Benchmarking start / end nodes (with/without memory monitoring)

New Features

  • ‘PDB Saver’ / ‘Save File Locally’ nodes now allow option to specify parent folder / directory path to save all files to
  • ‘PDB Loader’ / ‘Load text-based files’ nodes now allow removal of input column
    (In both cases, legacy behaviour is retained in existing nodes, and new nodes default to existing behaviour)

Bug fixes

  • ‘PDB Saver’ / ‘Save File Locally’ nodes now handle directory creation correctly when using multiple threads, preventing some files from being saved

Some of the nodes in this release relate to the following forum topics:

We envisage transferring this update to the v3.7 stable build in the coming days. If you notice any problems, please do get in touch.