Update to v1.12.10 (Nightly and v3.5 stable releases)

The nightly build and stable build for version 3.5 of KNIME has been updated this morning to version 1.12.10. This update includes a number of bug fixes and minor changes.

  • Fixes bug in Load local ... Files node dialog resulting in NullPointerException at configure in certain circumstances on first use
  • Fixes bug in Load local ... Files node dialog meaning that the file browser/clear buttons remained disabled following the removal of a list of files being supplied via flow variable
  • Fixes bugs in 4th generation nodes due to updgrade in RDKit in MMP nodes whereby keys were returned without attachment point indices (e.g. *N.*Cl.*Br rather than [1*]N.[2*]Cl.[3*]Br) following changes to RDKit toolkit (see Issues with Matched Pair Fragmentation nodes for further details and announcement of bugs in previous generation nodes). This bug has so far only been observed with the nightly build of RDKit, but will likely propagate to the stable build version in due course
  • Adds an option in the EPMC Advanced Query node to return only Open Access articles

Please also note that the Align to Inertial Principal Axes node will now modify the chirality in the returned MOL cells as RDKit now automatically percieves chirality from 3D coordinates where none is indicated, currently only in the nightly build, but as the updated version of RDKit propagates to the stable build then I imagine that it will also happen there.