Update to v1.30.2 - Bug fixes and new features

We have just updated the nightly and stable releases (v4.1, 4.2, 4.3) to version 1.30.2 of our nodes.

This introduces a number of bug fixes and new features:

New Features

  • Added optional hit count to PDB Connector Query Executor node
  • Added an option to filter MMP Fragmentations by minimum fixed (‘key’) heavy atom count

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug whereby MolSanitizeException thrown in fragment
    canonicalisation throws MMP Fragment node execution over
  • Made all RCSB.org webservice calls point to https:// rather than http:// (see RCSB PDB webservice nodes failing)
  • Made MMP fragmentation rendering compatible with new RDKit Rendering


  • Made all NodeFactoryClassMappers subclass MapNodeFactoryClassMapper
  • Moved some of the query execution control from the node model to the
    query executor

As always, please let us know if you spot any problems.


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