Update to v1.33.0 - New Collection nodes and Binary Object nodes

We have just updated to v1.33.0 which adds a further 6 nodes to our community contribution - highlighted below:

Two nodes build on our existing set of collection handling nodes:

  • Column to Singleton Collection wraps a column into a collection containing only a single cell (which can, for example have additional cells added in subsequent operations using the Append to Collection or Insert into List nodes)
  • Mask Lists provides a means of filtering the members of a List cell, using a second List column:
    • Either using a Boolean List ‘mask’ - in which case members corresponding to ‘True’ are kept, or
    • An Integer List - in which case either values >0 will results in the corresponding member being kept, or only the List members in the indicated positions are kept

A further four nodes add some Binary Objects column manipulations:

  • Two nodes (GZip Compress Binary Object and GZip Decompress (Un-gzip) Binary Object) allow gzip compressing / decompressing of individual Binary Object cells, to new binary object cells. As gzip compression only supports compressing single files (or binary objects), these nodes operate in a 1 input row → 1 output row mode
  • Two nodes allow ZIP compressing / decompressing of Binary Object cells:
    • Zip Binary Object - In this case, all the rows in the table are compressed into a single Binary Object cell (a 2nd column is needed for paths within the ZIP archive created) in a Many input rows → 1 output row mode. The compression mode can be chosen, and an archive comment can be added.
    • The reverse UnZip Binary Object decompression node will result in multiple rows for each incoming ZIP-compressed binary object cell (a 1 → many operation). The file paths within the archive are added as an additional table column

As usual, please do get in touch if you have any problems or suggestions…


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