Update to v1.36.0 - new 'DB' Database nodes

We have just released v1.36.0 of our community contribution on the stable (KNIME 4.5 and KNIME 4.6) and nightly build channels.

This update introduces our long-awaited ‘DB’ versions of our existing Database nodes, as such comprising 17 new nodes, and corresponding ‘Node Migration Rules’ to allow full migration of workflows using our legacy database nodes. Our existing database nodes have been renamed with the suffix (Legacy) following the KNIME core precedent.

Some of the new nodes are configurable to allow changing port types:

  • The DB Table Exists IF Switch node replaces both the Database Table Exists IF Switch and Database Table Exists IF Switch (Flow Variable Output) nodes with a single node, each output port of which can be switched independently between the incoming DB Session and Flow Variable Port
  • The Reference DB Table Exists IF Switch now allows the port type of the incoming and corresponding switched output ports to be changed to any port type
  • The DB To Variable node is configurable to allow either DB Session or DB Data connections

Full details can be found at the changelog



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