Updated Knime lost my workflow

I got a problem, when I updated Knime to the new version, it can’t open my workflows. Seems like it performed a clean install, but I set it up just like before. Luckily one of them was exported, so I just had to import it. But the other seems to be lost, even though I have the original folder with all of it’s content on my local drive. Is there really no way to somehow import it, without having a ‘.knwf’ or ‘.knar’ file?

@molnaradam welcome to the KNIME forum. Instead of knar or knwf files you can just point the import to a folder.

Otherwise you cold change the location of your workspace to the folder you have used before.

Thanks @mlauber71, unfortunately it doesn’t seems to work. Tried it multiple times.
But in the meantime I recreated the lost workflow.

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