Updating a database and refreshing a table view

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I have created a workflow that edits a table in an oracle database. A table editor node is used to make the edits to the database.

The user selects the checkbox for the rows they want to edit and then clicks the refresh button labelled as “Accept”. In the images below I am using row 5 as my example.

The recursive loop is there to clear all the checkboxes. Clicking accept with a checkbox selected updates the database and clears all checkboxes, and returns a view of the table not reflecting the changes to the database.

The refresh button is also connected to the DB reader, so if the refresh button is clicked a second time the user sees the update they have made to the database. The column status is updated to “Accepted” and there username appears in the recipient column.

The logic behind all this makes sense to me, it refreshes the DB reader first, but I would like to have the button: update the database, clear the checkboxes, and display the updates to the database with just one click to the refresh button. Is this possible? I have tried a few different loop nodes I have not gotten anything to work. I am not sure if I simply have the wrong setup and should start from scratch.

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I actually just solved this on my own with further testing, sometimes it helps to create a clear question of an issue. Here is my workflow now doing everything I want it to.


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Thanks for posting your solution!

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