Upgradation to new version

I wanna know if there will be any change in workflows saved, environments created, extensions installed or any such type of change taking place after we update our knime to a new version.

Hi @06mickey,

The new features of Knime 4.2 are given on https://www.knime.com/about/news/knime-analytics-platform-42-is-now-available and https://www.knime.com/whats-new-in-knime-42.

Together with the topics opened on this forum about the new version this will help you in finding your answer:

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Hello @06mickey,

your workflows should be just fine but is is always recommended to have a backup of workspace (regardless of performing an update). Extensions need to be installed again. See here how to find extensions you have installed: Knime Extentions list - Did i miss something?


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