Upgrade Path 4.12.3 to the Latest Release 4.15.x

What is the correct upgrade path please?
I found a previous post from 4.12.2 to version 4.14.1 is it the same, can I go directly to the latest release.The upgrade guide states version 4.14 - 4.15 and does not give any other upgrade paths?
I found that the Java version needs to be udpated from 8 to 11 and also that the knime-tomcat.jar file and knime.war files need to be replaced. Is this correct or do I need to follow a different path?
This is the guide that I am referencing: KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide
First time upgrading, thank you.


I am in contact with you via direct e-mail and we can sync up to resolve server upgrade there.

Thank you,

Thank you Nickolaus, look forwards to our call today!

Cheers, Tony

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