Upgrading to 5.2.1 Breaks Components

After upgrading to KNIME 5.2.1 from 5.1 I got this error for workflows with components that output reports:

ERROR component-test 4 Unable to load report output: Component was created with KNIME 5.1 - enable report output (again) in layout editor

I enabled report output in the layout editor, but I still can’t execute the component.
Enabling the report output added a report input port (that wasn’t there in the 5.1 workflow) and an additional report output port (also not there in 5.1 workflow):

The workflow input is saying there’s no input data when screenshot above shows there is. I’ve tried removing the input connector and reconnecting, resetting and executing the proceeding node, and resetting and executing the whole workflow. Nothing seems to work.

I have lots of workflows with components that use reporting that are now broken.
Is it possible to revert to 5.1 from 5.2 (if so, how?). Or is there some way to fix these components without having to recreate them from scratch?


Hi @pcuff,

Great to see that you are using the new reporting capabilities in KNIME. As they were still a “Labs” extension in 5.1, it means we changed quite a few things on the way to releasing it officially in 5.2, and the report input port that you have observed is one of them.

We have also updated the blog post that introduces the KNIME reporting, maybe taking a look at that (notice the Report Template Creator node) will solve your questions already? Generate reports faster with KNIME Reporting | KNIME

Best, Carsten

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Thanks, that helped, I was able to get things working :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did for those that may have same question:

  1. Add Report Template Creator node, configure and execute.
  2. Use Component Setup to remove report output node, not needed in 5.2.
  3. Connect Report Template Creator node to component report input port (Port 2).
  4. Open the component, confirm “Enable Reporting” option is checked (may need to toggle it).
  5. Execute the component.
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