upload Excel file via WebPortal

Import of the excel file locally works like a charm, but when I want to do the same process via WebPortal it gets little bit complicated…so far I have in my component one node called “Local File Browser Configuration”


And after user select excel file I want to load it into the workflow


And locally everything works but when running on KNIME server I am constantly getting this error which tells me nothing useful:

  • Workflow did not fully execute

Is there maybe some simple example workflow how to do this properly on KNIME server?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

To upload a file to the server via WebPortal you need the File Upload Widget node. All nodes that end in “Configuration” are used to add configuration options to components so they can be reused with different parameters. If you want a user to inject settings into a component from the WebPortal, nodes that usually end in “Widget” are used.
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