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I have created a KNIME workflow that prepares .xlsx files and uploads them to Google drive folder. This workflow works when uploading to folder in my Drive, but does not work when uploading to a folder that is shared with me.
I get this error message from Excel Writer node:
Execute failed: The directory '/Shared with me/AccountingReports' does not exist and must not be created due to user settings.
I’ve tried creating a shortcut to my Drive and using /My Drive/AccountingReports as a working directory in Google Drive Connector.

How could I point this file system connection to other persons drive that is shared with me?

Before this, we used file upload node (that is now deprecated), but now I am updating this workflow and decided to update to currently supported nodes.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @paulius_b,

its super cool, that you’re keeping your workflows up to date! I haven’t looked into the google drive scenario just yet, but before we go down that rabbit hole – maybe the File Upload Widget is what you could use to easily replace the old Quickform File Upload node? File Upload Widget – KNIME Hub

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Hi, @marvin.kickuth, thank you for your answer, but this is not a portal application and no File upload Widget was used. What I meant by file upload node, I was talking about this image

I’ve had a similar issue and didn’t even know it could have been avoided with the legacy node. That’s good to know.

My solution to the problem was copying the folder to a Shared Drive and sharing access to the drive with the colleagues who had originally shared the folder with me. I would assume it would have also worked if they themselves had moved it from their My Drive to a Shared Drive.

I know, not quite the answer you were asking for, and I’d also like to know if there’s a way to upload to folders in other people’s My Drive who’ve given me write access for those folders.

Aah, I see.
Does the shared folder show up under https://drive.google.com/drive/shared-drives?
In that case you should be able to use the Google Drive Connector – KNIME Hub node. I’ve uploaded a very simple example. Note that you can right-click writer nodes to add the file system connection port.

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It is not a separate drive and it does not show under drives list. It is just a folder in some other person’s “My Drive”. I am able to write to drives like this.
When I open desired folder, location looks like this:

But using /Shared with me/AccountingReport/ as a workspace does not work.

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