Urgently: Read excel file using the updated SharePoint connection

Hi everybody,
I need to read an excel file using the updated SharePoint connection.
I ceated the following workflo and connected successfully to the SharePoint but in the file reader node it keeps telling me file doesn’t exist.
I saw a post about the same issue but it didn’t help me.
can someone please help me.

Hi @Mai_Nashaat ,

Can you share with us the configuration of the Excel Reader node? Did you attempt to click the browse button to get the correct path?

What Version of KNIME AP are you using?

Let’s start there for troubleshooting and then see what we can narrow down.



sorry for late response but I uninstalled it and installed old version to open it bu now I installed it again.
its version is 4.2.3
when I click browse I got this x

when I click “Shared Documents” I got this which doesn’t have the fil I need and I on’t have those files on my SharePoint
I need to know what is the configuration link should be in the reader node