So i have companys addresses in Georgian language.
with google api key i want to obtain addresses longitude and latitude coordinates.

with string manipulation node i wrote this code
String address =“საქართველო,ბათუმი,პუშკინისქ.,N18”;
String encodedAddress = URLEncoder.encode(address,“UTF-8”);
URI uri = new URI(“http://maps.googleapis.com”,“/maps/api/geocode/json”,“address=”+ encodedAddress +“&key=MY_GOGLE_API_KEY”,null);
String url = uri.toURL().toString();

unfortunatelly, GET request node dont work and keeps returning error Execute failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in scheme name at index 6:

how to write down propper query?

Can you post here the exact URL you pass to the GET Request node? You can replace your API key by a dummy value.
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