URL Decoding


I am trying to decode from encoded url




Using Java snippet node, 

"return URLDecoder.decode($variable, "UTF-8");"

After that showed up

Please help solve I hope that

Dear mois50,


this is an issue with Java and has nothing to do with the node. Your call to URLDecoder.decode can potentially throw an exception of type UnsupportedEncodingException (source: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/net/URLDecoder.html#decode)


The way you can fix this is as follows: Surround your call to .decode() with a try{} catch() {} clause that catches UnsupportedEncodingException. If you always provide "UTF-8" as the second parameter, your catch-clause can contain no action because the error will never happen.


Or, to say it in code:

try {

  return URLDecoder.decode($variable, "UTF-8");

} catch( UnsupportedEncodingException e ) {

  //do nothing, because this will never happen as long as the provided encoding is "UTF-8"


Dear knot


Thank you very much.

I owe my success to you. ^^