URLEncoder.encode in UTF-8

Dear Forum,

When trying to encode a string for a GET request using UTF-8, a Java Snippet node will accept:

URLEncoder.encode(string, “UTF-8”)

Inside a String Manipulation node that piece of code will trigger: “Unhandled exception type java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException”, although it will accept a plain “URLEncoder.encode(string)”

Is it possible to have URLEncoder.encode accept the UTF-8 encoding inside a String Manipulation node?


There is a currently unreleased node which does this (and the reverse transform) at Vernalis - I will see if we can get permission to release them in our next update. More when I have an answer…



Thank you, Steve.

No worries. We have release permission, so it should appear within the next few days. I will post back when it is out there.


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The URL Encoder and URL Decoder nodes are now available in version 1.18.0 - only on the nightly build at the moment, but it should make its way over to the stable builds next week sometime.