Use an IF switch on SQL Executor


I want to connect to a Database and then execute a SQL depending on whether a table has been changed.

My plan is to run a SQL executor to check if table1 has been changed depending on the date and compare it to table2. When the first table has a newer date(has been updated) I want to update the second table with the new data.
If it hasnt been updated, the workflow should do nothing.

How can I change the output of the SQL Executor to a TRUE/FALSE string so I can use the string for a IF Switch that determines it has to run the SQL script that updates table2?

Or is there another way of doing it?

Greetings Oli

Not sure exactly what your query is, and therefore how the logic might work, but if your SQL can be made to return an empty table or a table with rows in then some of the following nodes from the Vernalis community contribution might help:

The outputs are also as flow variables, so you could connect the flow variable output to e.g.:

There are a few other nodes in the Vernalis flow control and databases categories which might also help depending on exact circumstances