Use dates as Variables in a filter


I’m trying to filter dates in a Date&Time row filter using variables given by a date and de next day created by a date&time shift module:




if i use the date in te fisrt column (campaing effective date) as a variable in the filter i don’t have any issues, however when i try to use the date from the second colum (campaing effective date (shift)), the filter doesn´t recognize the variable.

can you help me! :slight_smile:

Hi @gcleiva2 and welcome to the KNIME Community Forum,

May I ask what exactly you mean by:

the filter doesn´t recognize the variable

And also, would you share a screenshot of the node settings (Options tab) please?

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When using the date and time node, I am trying to make my variable date values (campaign effective date and campaign effective date shift) recognizable, thus being able to use them as input values for the filter. The issue I am facing is that the filter node is only recognizing the first date column inside to filter, as you can see in this second image:

For “End”, you have selected a numerical duration (Years). So, whatever you use as the end_date_time, it will always be 1 year after the start date. If you want your flow variable to take effect, select “Date&Time” option for “End” as well.

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No matter how I configure the node, I still cannot visualize the variable y the flow tab

Hi @gcleiva2

I’d say you are missing the Table Row to Variable node after the Duplicate Row Filter. It looks like you are using a variable that is generated by the Group Loop Start.

If you put mentioned node in your workflow and then connect it to the row filters you’ll have both options and KNIME will filter all data accordingly.


Thank you! it worked perfectly


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