Use Flow Variable as file reference in SD reader node


I would like to read a SD file from a flow variable (contains URI). Problem is that the flow variable tab from the sd reader only accepts the array-size but not the array content.

Has anybody an idea to circumvent this?



Hi Guido,

After helping me out, I will now help you out :-)

The problem you describe is a common occurrance with some nodes. What you need to do is select any SDF file in the dialog box. Now, after selecting a file in here, when you now go to the flow variables tab, you will see a new option labelled "0". Choose the flow variable here, and it will now overwrite the "any SDF file" you selected earlier.

If you find there are missing options in the flow variable tabs of other nodes, simply populate the contents first, and then the option usually appears in the flow variable tab.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for your help. It works like a charm. My actual problem was that I needed the suggestions from the SAReport node. I could easily get the file URI from the flow variables this node exports but couldn't pipe it into the SD Reader. I was a bit desperate and already started thinking of adding another node but with your solution I can handle this on Meta node level.

Many thanks


This does not work for xls reader. I need to have the worksheet be a flow variable, but there is no option. 

Yes, there is an option. It's called `SHEET_NAME`.

And for extracting the names, there's a dedicated node "Read Excel Sheet Names".

Hi qqilihq - there is indeed an option on the flow variables tab to enter a sheet_name. However, entry there does not transfer back to Select The Sheet to Read under the adjust settings. And there is no flow variable entry allowed there directly. Also, entering a flow variable on the flow variable tab does not allow the node to close. I get a message: Please select a worksheet. I tried following Guido’s instructions above, but there is no “0” option that ever appears.