Use ggQC package with R snippet KNIME

Hi everybody !

I would like to use the ggQC package with R snippet KNIME but i have an error : 

Error : No geom called label

This is my code on the R snippet KNIME :


Test <


p <- ggplot(Test, aes(x=Day, y=Temperature))+ geom_line() +  
stat_QC_labels(method = "XmR") + 
stat_QC(method = "XmR")  

print (p)

When i use only ggplot without stat QC, it's works.

Can you help me ?

Thank you.

Hi Robunle,

Can you please try to switch the order of stat_QC_labels and stat_QC?



Hi RolandBurger,

When i switch the order of stat_QC_labels and stat_Q, I have this error :

Error: attempt to apply non-function
Error: No geom called label

Thank you for your helps


Hi Robunle!

Can you please try running this code in the standard R gui (without KNIME) or RStudio? Does it work there?

Kind regards, Jonathan.