Use 'Google Authentication' node and Client Service Account (json) to access BogQuery

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A client has sent me a JSON service account to access their GCP environment to run a query to access some sample data in preparation for a project that is starting early in March. I want to use KNIME to access GCP and run the query but have not been able to secure a connection using the client service account I have been given.

Below is a screenshot of the ‘Google Authentication’ node that I have to establish the connection.

When I try to sign in I get an error in the KNIME node “Not Authenticated” and an additional message dialogue loads with an error “Authentication Failed: IlleagalArugumentExceptions:”

Could this be a problem because I am using the wrong node to authenticate? Or should I be approaching this from a whole other angle?

I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions.



Hi @TigerCole,

Hope you are doing well!
Would you be able to post the entire error message that is shown in the log?
You can find the log via View → Open KNIME Log.
First, you can try to execute the node again and then go the log. The messages at the bottom of the log should then be related to the authentication issue.

If possible, I would also recommend trying the Google Authentication (API Key) node as shown in this example.

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Hi @julian.bunzel

I did get this resolved using the “Google Authentication (API Key)” node. It turned out to be an issue with the service account and the credentials that I was given. The account was deleted and recreated and the new service account JSON file worked perfectly.

Thanks for the information about checking the log file. I did not know that more details would be logged there. I would have saved me loads of messing about retrying if I had seen that the error was the credentials.




Hi @TigerCole,

great to hear that you were able to solve it.
Thank you for letting me know.


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