Use KEGG Rest API to derive informations of compounds and reactions


I am wondering if there is an easy way to use the KEGG API in Knime. I have a list of compounds and reactions in an excel file with KEGG IDs and i would like to compare and extract all the valuable information from KEGG.

I tried the GET request node, but the output has a weird format which i can not separate into columns, with the cell splitter node. For example:
cpd:C00001H2O; Water

Has someone used the KEGG API before and can help me?

Thanks a lot!

The attached workflow I think does what you want (based on a single URL for a compounds query for the word ‘aspirin’ - the URL is - you can adapt as required)

Kegg Question.knwf (12.1 KB)

Basically, you need to do multiple splits/ungroups to parse the date (unless you want to use a Java Snippet!):