Use KNIME Workflow for a Business Application

Hi, I am developing a cross-selling solution for my company and I am wondering how it is possible to use the workflow as business application for the sales employees. Is there a way to export the workflow into an executable file? Does anybody have experiences concerning that issue? Cheers, Dustin.

Hi @dustin135, nice to meet you and welcome to the forum!

Yes, we have this, this is part of the KNIME Server. It comes with an inbuild Webportal application which you can use to guide users through your workflow.

We call this guided analytics, but we have a lot of customers who are using this as dashboards for day to day work as well.

Hi @Iris, thanks for your response. Since you are saying “we” are you an employee of KNIME? I would be happy to get advise concerning this.

Please let me know, how I can contact you.

Hi @dustin135 yes, I work for KNIME :slight_smile:
You can recognize the people working for KNIME with the KNIME Team Member status, this is shown right next to my KName :wink:

Hi @Iris, how am I able to contact you?

You can write to

Hi @Iris I wrote an E-Mail and I am waiting for a response.

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