Use of Loop Based on 2 Criteria


So I have 2 data input. The first data input is:

The second data input is (the value under Shoe & Shirt is defined as promo level):

My goal is to map the promo level based on date and category, so the output will be like this:

I can’t understand the use of logic with this type of data input as previously I use only Column Expression node but it returns missing value for all rows. So I guess in this kind of case, I need to use loop.

Here I attached the workflow I’ve created before as well as the logic I used in my column expression, along with the sample data for this process.
Sample Data.knwf (25.5 KB)


Hi @Kemuel , here’s what I came up with using your input tables:




Promo Level.knwf (33.9 KB)


Wow I guess it didn’t need looping after all :grinning:

Thanks a lot for your help @badger101

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No worries :rofl: Glad to help out! And just a side note, I would suggest the marketing team responsible for those values shown here to request for a Twitter API V2 application account (with Elevated Access), especially if the target consumers are in the US. It allows for in-depth consumer research to better inform advertising decisions.

Best of luck!

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