Use of Theobald Software at Deutsche Telekom

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for Telekom colleagues who use the Theobald software to pull data from SAP. I am interested in using the Theobald software via Kime and have a few questions about it. I would be very grateful if someone would contact me.

Greetings from Cologne,

Alexander Sowah

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if it is not confidential (if so and you got KNIME server then reach out to KNIME directly) why not asking it here so everyone could potentially benefit from a solution?
I used theobald with universal xtract for Alteryx and in KNIME it looks like there is a similar approach



Hello Mr. Daniel Weikert,
Thank you for your quick response to my query. The reason why I am explicitly asking about Telekom colleagues is that our IT department is looking for a case study for use within the Deutsche Telekom Group for providing the Theobald software for SAP via KNIME, for an easier provision in our business unit. Because we are also bound by the guidelines DeutscheTelekom, which is why it would be easier to have a contact person at Deutsche Telekom who can tell us how he proceeded or even name a contact person in their IT.

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