Use one's own table in Model Process Management


I was trying to run the Model Process Factory on my local machine, with my data to understand the whole process better.

From your documentation, the steps I need to do are as follows. 

1.  Configure the Table locally, in Edit Tables, to point to the location where my xls files reside.  Correct?  I suppose i can use an xls file.  But after editing the configuration, I see the execute button greyed out.  Does it mean that it does not accept xls file.  How else to modify the configuration of the table reader in Edit_Tables_locally.

Would appreciate if you could share some documentation as to how to make the beginnning, in terms of creating the evaluation table, modelling configuration table, the models table as well as the process definition table.

Thanks and regards


That is correct, you cannot use an xls file. The modelling configuration file should be a table (.table extension file) which you can only edit by reading and modifying in KNIME. In order to create a table from you xls file you can read your xls file with an Excel Reader node and write its output to the disk with a Table Writer node. 

For more details please refer to The KNIME Model Factory white paper




Hi Anna,

Thanks for your suggestion.  I was to create a table out of Excel and use it to run the Model Process Factory with my data.  I got a message saying that the deployment was successful.  Ran it from (01) INIT to (07) Deploy.

Let me run it once again to get a clearer picture of the outputs that it can generate

Thanks and regards