Use Rule Engine Node to get the output

Hi all,

The following is the scenario which I want to accomplish using the Rule Engine Node:


Only if more than 1 Risk column has “Yes” in it, then return “Yes” else “No”. How can I achieve this using the rule engine node?

Thanks in advance.

hi @X24

Rule engine perfect node for this. You should define the “No” conditions and the rest will get “Yes”.

$Risk 1$ = "Yes" AND NOT $Risk 2$ = "Yes" AND NOT $Risk 3$ = "Yes" => "No"
$Risk 2$ = "Yes" AND NOT $Risk 1$ = "Yes" AND NOT $Risk 3$ = "Yes" => "No"
$Risk 3$ = "Yes" AND NOT $Risk 2$ = "Yes" AND NOT $Risk 1$ = "Yes" => "No"
TRUE => "Yes"



Thank you for taking your time to answer the above question @tommy. The solution worked. Thanks again.

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