Use Salesforce REST Api in KNIME

New to KNIME. Trying to figure out how to bring data from salesforce using REST API and then transform and schedule this on a weekly basis. Searched around the forum found some generic REST API topics but not related to Salesforce. Any additional links or instructions that could be useful. Please advise. Thanks.

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Hi @Bathery,

Have you checked the KNIME Salesforce Integration extension?

I have. I was able to get data using soql and another salesforce extension. Trying to figure out how to use REST based API thru knime.
Thanks for the response.

Dear @Bathery,

To interact with RESTful web services, you can use the KNIME REST Client Extension in KNIME.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Did you get it working already? I found this example on the hub, it is for pushing data to salesforce. But if you open the component you can see how they use the Salesforce Authentication Extractor node for the POST Request

That is the example:


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