Use Selenium Nodes to invoke form action that is injected on-the-fly

Need some help with invoking action that is injected on-the-fly.  There is a form behind a pushbutton.  The form's action parameter initially is empty.  When the pushbutton is pushed manually, the action parameter is filled with an URL instantly before the form is posted.  Selenium's "Find Elements" and "Submit" combination only can invoke the form post of the empty action not the injected action.  I wonder what Selenium Nodes that could help in this situation.  I try to emulate the manual pushing of button with other Selenium nodes such as "Click" and "Select".  Unfortunately they seems to be for performing some other operations.  Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

could you please provide the URL or somehow any example to check this issue? (feel free to send an email if the information is sensitive) Elsewise it's hard to give any advice.

-- Philipp

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