User cannot be authenticated, probably the password is wrong


I am receiving the error in my subject when attempting to connect with the KNIME client on my workstation, but I am sure this is a generic message. I have confirmed the password of multiple users and even the knime admin account is receiving this message.

I have checked my Firewall to ensure there is no blocking, and it looks like that is okay – when I added the server it successfully added, while other addresses that I made up gave an error about no REST was listening.

I checked out the knime config file as I believe I previously have had to add users on a different install to allow them to connect. I added those but it did not help.

Is there something I am forgetting about for remote connections to be allowed, or any other way I can troubleshoot this?

Thanks for any help!

Hello @podonnell1 ,

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Could you check your server disk space? Maybe it run full and the user DB file has got corrupted. It can be resolved by sharing a replacement, see How to reset the knimeadmin password from the CLI - #9 by marvin.kickuth
If it doesn’t work please reach out us via and send us the server logs and server version for further troubleshooting.


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